The CFSP Designation

Successful candidates for certification in the Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice may use the designation CFSP (Certified Funeral Service Practitioner) with their names on their business letterheads, business cards, and elsewhere as appropriate. Members are required to renew membership renewal and submit 2.0 CEUs or 20 hours each year to remain active and continue to use the CFSP designation. Certification is for individuals only and may not be used to imply that a firm is certified.

Those registrants who reside in states which require continuing education for annual license renewal will find the services of the Academy useful and helpful in completing such requirements. A complete list of State Board Licensing Requirements is maintained by the National Funeral Directors Association.

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Achieving Professional Certification

The Academy believes that personal as well as professional development, together, combine to help insure a better funeral service professional. Because of this certification credits are allowed for involvement in both types of programs (i.e., those directly related to funeral service as well as those directly related to improving the professional as an individual).

Using the Activity Reporting Form or the On-Line Activity Reporting, Academy members let us know about activities completed. The Academy evaluates these activities and, where appropriate, awards credit in the form of Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Credit is awarded in one of three categories: Academic, Professional Funeral Service, and Public Education and Service.

Members are also may earn retroactive credit for activities completed from the date of licensure to the date of joining the Academy by submitting an Application for Career Review. No time limit is imposed on the member in which all credits must be earned and members proceed at their own pace.

Once 180 hours of activities (18.0 CEUs) across the four categories has been achieved, the member is eligible for certification, and the designation of Certified Funeral Service Practitioner (CFSP) may be awarded.

As a CFSP, the member remains active by attending at least 20 hours (2.0 CEUs) of events each year in order to maintain certification and paying their annual renewal each year.

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Designated Credit Evaluation

Credit toward professional certification shall be granted in terms of CONTINUING EDUCATION UNITS. One CEU consists of ten (10) contact hours of participation in an approved continuing education experience. A contact hour shall consist of fifty (50) minutes of academic instruction or its rated equivalent.

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Qualifying Activities for Professional Certification

The following activities are examples of programs approved for credit leading to certification by the Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice. Appropriate credit for specific or innovative activities will be determined on a case by case basis.

Sample activities include:

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Category A: Academic

Category A includes those more intensive learning experiences such as higher education-level instruction. Also, professional effort demonstrated by writing, speaking, and research are credited here as are home study and on-line learning programs accredited by the Academy. (Up to a maximum of 10.8 CEUs may be earned toward initial certification in this category.)

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Category B: Professional Activities

Category B includes activities related directly to the funeral service profession. Attendance at conventions, short workshops or seminars, and service in funeral service organizations count in this category. (Up to a maximum of 7.2 CEUs may be earned toward initial certification in this category.)

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Category C: Career Review

Category C provides the opportunity to receive credits for experience prior to joining the Academy. Assignment of credits generally follows the guidelines for Categories A, B, C. (Up to a maximum of 5.4 CEUs may be earned toward initial certification in this category, although additional credits in other categories may also result for activities that occurred within 2 years of becoming a member of the Academy.)

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Category D: Public Education and Service

Category D acknowledges civic and community activities and leadership. Service in community or religious organizations, including officer status, are included. Short talks to community groups, funeral home tours, and similar activities count in this category. (Up to a maximum of 1.8 CEUs may be earned toward initial certification in this category.)

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Maintaining Certification

Once certified as a CFSP, the member must earn 2.0 CEUs (20 hours) per year and pay the annual renewal fee to remain an active CFSP. Excess CEUs on the member's record at the end of each year may be carried over into the next year up to a maximum of 4.0 CEUs (40 hours). Credits are earned prospectively, with those earned in one year providing re-certification credit toward the next.

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